Why choose GDF Talent for your leadership training needs

Our core belief

At GDF Talent we truly believe that people are a company’s most valuable asset.

Our core belief is what motivates us every day:  effective conversations are the cornerstone of great leadership, healthy cultures and successful results.

It’s a simple equation: effective conversations lead to improved relationships, and improved relationships lead to better leadership, team performance and results. When the overall quality of the workplace is enhanced, employees are happier, more engaged and more productive and results are maximized.

Our mission

GDF Talent’s mission is to help employees and managers in organizations of any size improve their communication and develop their leadership skills in order to boost team performance and achieve the desired results.

Simply put, we want to help your employees and managers achieve their personal best and become better leaders and better contributors.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose GDF Talent

1. We are accessible

You can easily, and directly, reach us by phone to discuss your needs. If you prefer, you can also send us an email which we will quickly reply to.

2. We are experienced

For the last 15 years, Gloria Di Francesco, founder and CEO of GDF Talent and certified Fierce Master Facilitator, has been facilitating numerous Fierce Conversations workshops, both virtually and in-person, in a great number of companies in Canada, the US, Mexico and Europe. Over the years, hundreds of participants have gained valuable insight from Gloria’s solid experience in the area of Leadership Development, specifically her deep understanding of the true benefits of having effective conversations.

3. We have the expertise

We really understand the ins and outs of managing Operations and Human Performance. We’ve been there, done that. All that accumulated knowledge helps us enhance the workshops by allowing us to easily throw in lots of concrete and relatable examples to support the many aspects of both the Fierce Conversations and the Everything DiSC programs.

4. We are fully bilingual

We can facilitate Fierce Conversations and Everything DiSC workshops in both English and French, ensuring that all your employees get the same training, no matter where they are located.

5. We are dynamic and flexible

We understand the difficulties of coordinating numerous peoples’ calendars and getting commitments. We will work with you to establish an agenda that works for everybody.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact us today at info@gdftalent.com so we can talk about your specific needs. Or fill out the form below.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact us today at info@gdftalent.com so we can talk about your specific needs. Or fill out the form below.